Which Fulfillment center is a better choice for a dropshiper with more than 10 orders/day?

We will discuss together price, cooperation time, logistics solutions, customized packaging, brand, agent type, and business model.

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Fulfilment Agent Zendrop Cjdropshipping
Product Sourcing Y Y Y
3PL Fulfillment Y Y Y
Product Branding Y Y Y
Our 1v1 Customer Services Y N N
After-Sale Services Check feedback directly multiple layers of feedback multiple layers of feedback
product photo Direct factory or warehouse acquisition multiple layers of feedback Direct acquisition, or multiple layers of feedback
order requirements 5orders/day or 10order-processing/each time 0 0
Clients type Medium and large customers, brand sellers small and medium dropshiper small and medium dropshiper
product price The best price, and according to the order quantity, it will be actively reduced, and contact multiple factories for comparison Each communication comparison is not conducive to the long-term development of the communication relationship Fixed, requires separate feedback, the process is very cumbersome
shipping line quantity Many, and can develop a suitable shipping line according to customer requirements few choices generally
shipping price Multiple levels of logistics, prices, and advantages are relatively clear, and support the shipping line of other suppliers Expensive, not suitable for large dropshiper extensions unstable, not very real
shipping stability It is very stable, and customers need to choose by themselves according to the cost Generally, q4 stability decreased generally
company business structure Factory + logistics company direct docking Outsourcer (China's trader docking logistics companies and suppliers) Factory or supplier + logistics company direct docking
staff energy Maintain key customers and grow customers Maintain small customers
warehouse own warehouse Cooperative company warehouse own warehouse
Apparel product increase and decrease labels support not support not support
US,AU,EU fulfillment center support not only US can use
return warehouse support not not
factory contact contact directly At least 2 layers of communication delay Direct contact or multi-level employee docking
Logistics company contact contact directly At least 2 layers of communication delay contact directly
last mile shipping use Y,most support N,There are only a few fixed ways N,There are only a few fixed ways
customized product Support, and will optimize product prices, and product quality Very inefficient, multi-layer relationships low efficiency
Timeliness of order processing direct communication staff communication delay Multiple layers of communication delay
European market There is an IOSS solution, or an intermediary company is given to solve vat according to customer requirements There is a tax risk There is a tax risk
US market Has a US warehouse, serving the US market as a large dropshiper The founder's influence is maintained, but many major customers have been transferred Mostly handle dropshipping for small US customers
Australian market Shipping lines such as Australia Post are very stable. Best price, only serve big dropshipers Logistics products are poor small dropshiper
Factory product recommendation Feedback according to the season no no
Advertising agency account support Provide docking FB TT agent account docking. N N
Payment Processing Manager Support provide docking service manager N N
Small Clients
medium Clients
big Clients
affiliates support support support
partner, lecturer Support, you can make a similar zendrop yourself, we have partner system to support not support,He himself is already a Chinese partner support, but troublesome
Shopify app support support support

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