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Why incorporate in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a great place to open a business: there are no restrictions for foreigners, taxes are flat and rather low (profits tax stands at 8.25% for the first HK$2 million of assessable profits, and 16.5% for profits after that), the incorporation process is easy, fast, and can be done remotely.

You would need a company name, a companies ordinance, appoint one designated representative, one individual director, one shareholder, and one company secretary and a local Hong Kong-registered address.

Yes, Hong Kong allows foreigners to become directors and shareholders of a company registered here. As a foreigner, you can be the only director or hire as many as you need. There is no requirement to have any local directors.
You can be a shareholder as well. You need to have at least one (and as many as 50). They can be people of any nationalities or companies.

Yes, all companies registered in Hong Kong must have a local address. It goes on all legal documents. If you don’t have an office address, use our service.

Once all the documents are ready, it can only take within 5 day to register a company. It mostly depends on when you are comfortable with providing all the details, as well as the service hours of the authorities.

Business Registration Certificate is a document that every Hong Kong business must have. It specifies all the details of your company. It is issued by the Inland Revenue Department of Hong Kong usually for 1 year and has to be renewed annually.

It’s a virtual card. If you want a physical corporate card, please contact your account manager for application.