Q4-Black Friday Hot sale special Quote

Provide a more stable and faster shipping line without significant price increases from logistics providers. Strong supplier support through special agreements with logistics companies.

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Avoid fake USPS tracking

Q4 is a stable and fast pursuit. Now many suppliers in China use cheap logistics methods, and many use fake usps. The buyer will be reminded by USPS, and the buyer will file a credit card dispute with you at that time.

Check authenticity usps

Quickly switch Old Suppliers

1.At present, suppliers do not have enough time to provide you with quotations, feedback, and after-sales.
2.The prices your suppliers offer you frequently increase in price.
3.The logistics provided by the supplier are very unstable。
4.Not sure if the supplier provided you with a fake USPS, there is not enough protection.
5.Dayone, hypersku, zendrop, and usadrop use part fake usps and ioss accounts….